Weird Won't Save Radio Shack

Coming off a 20% decrease in same store sales, Radio Shack is soon to launch a holiday advertising campaign featuring Weird Al Yankovic. I anticipate the campaign to be creatively engaging and memorable. In fact, for entertainment value alone, I look forward to seeing it. But, in my opinion, strong creative that achieves only top of mind awareness won’t translate to greater sales for the electronic’s chain. Thinking of the retailer as an option for shopping is a good start but it’s going to take serious product change to significantly move the sales needle and convince more people to select Radio Shack over the competition. The biggest obstacles- this retailer has less inventory (and what is has you can get at other stores) and its prices are slightly higher than the big discount retailers.

Want to convince me to add Radio Shack to my list of shopping destinations? Give me a unique reason to come. A reason that brings me meaningful value. When I think of Radio Shack, the top two things that come to mind are a technology store with less selection. Not real motivating. Even with a catchy Weird Al parody playing behind it. 

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