A Little Restaurant Called

If you think of any of your popular local restaurants, they probably have a Facebook page. Most of our favs in Little Rock do. They list all the daily specials, show pics of food, giveaway gift cards, etc. The local places we frequent have between 830 to 4,408 fans (likes now, but fans sounds so much better). Pretty good for a city of 200,000 people. I visited Oklahoma City last weekend and went to a little establishment called Big Truck Tacos. Fantastic food! If you are ever in that area, go. You will not be disappointed. What I was surprisingly shocked to find out was, they have 16,400 Facebook fans. Really? Over 16,000 fans. They have one location and two trucks. OKC has, according to the recent census, 579,999 residents. When you talk to the owners, Cally and Catherine, or as they are referred to “the twins”, they are just as surprised as I am. Two years ago when they started Big Truck Tacos, neither of them had a Facebook account or had ever used social media. They did some research though and knew if they wanted to have a Facebook page that was effective, they had to do more than just post specials, it had to be engaging. Their journey on Facebook started when they went to California to buy their first taco truck. They wrote about the whole journey. Buying the truck, driving it home, what they encountered along the way, etc. Before they ever opened the doors of their restaurant and served their first taco, they had fans. And anxious fans. The first day of business they sold out of food by 3:00 and had to close for the rest of the day. They are fun in their approach to using social media. It is a conversation. When you go to their page, they are talking about the specials, but they are also talking with their customers. Engaging with them about not only food, but their lives.

It is so important when we talk about social media that you are having a conversation with the consumer. That is the beauty in social media to begin with. Be open. Talk about the good and the bad stuff. Have fun with it because the more fun you are having the more your customer is going to see that. When I left Big Truck Tacos last Saturday I had been converted into a brand follower. I bought a t-shirt and have been talking about them non-stop. I really tried to tell the twins to open one in Little Rock, but I hear I’m not the only out-of-towner who has done that!

The Twins are opening a new restaurant next month, Mutt’s Amazing Hot Dogs, and already have over 1,000 fans. I am happy to say I am one of them.

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