A Wii Bit of EXIT Culture

So, I’m sure most of you know that EXIT really loves our Wii. It is a source of entertainment, de-stressing and sometimes brainstorming. Being creative is a huge part of our culture and we strongly believe that creativity and ideas come from all kinds of places and activities. The EXIT Wii is just one source. I was reading an article last week on Ad Age about an agency’s culture. What makes up a culture of a business? What makes someone want to work at one place over another? Phil Johnson wrote, “Culture goes deeper than the shiny objects that you see when you walk through the front doors. The best parts may be invisible. That’s why it’s essential that you be able to define your culture so that you can sell it to people.” I thought that was a great point. Your company’s culture is not an easy thing to define. The EXIT Wii might be one of the “shiny objects” we have, but what it stands for–creativity–is not. So what else defines our culture at EXIT? Our ability to laugh at ourselves and each other; always having hot coffee and a cold beer on hand; a strong work ethic; lots of music; dancing and signing (from certain offices); a love for each other and our clients; a love of advertising. I believe the greatest thing that we sell our clients is our ideas: creative solutions for their businesses that help bring big results to their bottomline. And while it’s pretty fun to work in an office with a Wii, it’s even more fun to work in a creative-driven culture that focuses on finding unique solutions for our clients. As I approach my 4th Anniversary at EXIT later this month, I know that I chose the right place of employment.

If you are looking for a little creativity this weekend, check out Wal-Mart’s special on the Wii. Happy Shopping and Wii playing!

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