Addictive Apps

I recently stumbled upon an app that tests your knowledge of famous logos. I’m certain I played this game for over an hour last night – crazy addictive. Portions of a logo are displayed and you have to type in the answer. A perfect score helps you earn hints for other challenging logos. Don’t screw up the spelling though, you get docked points. Some logos are easily identifiable while others – you know the answer but can’t recognize it immediately. I come back to those when I have an AHA moment. Then there are logos for companies I never knew existed. Apparently, Citroën, a french company, was the first mass-production car company outside the USA. When you have no clue, even after getting the clues, you can peek on google for answers. My advice though, if you have to cheat a little, stay away from the sites with all the answers, it sort of kills the fun.

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