Agencies are Fun!

This past Monday morning as I was drinking my second cup of coffee before 9 am, I skimmed through the Ad Age email of the day to read the headlines. A Simple Reminder: The Ad Industry Is Still Fun jumped out at me. After reading Marc Brownstein’s article, I took a moment to recognize the unique job I have. I work in an environment where new ideas are not only welcomed they are strongly encouraged. Unfortunately, in business, that’s unusual. With the help of beanbags, loads of silly putty and a mini-fridge filled with beer, we tackle complex business obstacles with a playful, optimistic enthusiasm. Our ideas bring clients solutions that achieve significant results. In advertising, work is fun. It’s fun to work. Because we’re doing what we love: using creativity to help others. I think it’s this engaging, exciting, open-minded energy that makes the ad industry such fertile ground for great ideas. All of us in this business have a lot to be grateful for. Today is a great day to be working in advertising. Now go out and have some fun! I know I will.

(We need to go buy more beer today, so we borrowed the header image from flickr’s hotlead. Thanks! Glad we think alike!)

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