And This Year's Winner Is…

Every year the Pantone Color Institute picks the official color of the year. Some people think it’s silly or pointless, but I am always excited to see what it is. As a design nerd, watching trends always gets me thinking about what is coming up next and how to stay relevant. I always wonder things like: Will the color of the year effect new logos we design? Will it show up in more retail stores? Or will it be a subtle thing that you just happen to see more of this color in 2013 but you don’t really notice it? There have been plenty of studies over the years about how a certain color can alter your mood or evoke certain feelings within us. When we have clients ask us about our color preferences for their brand, we take cues from the type of emotions they are describing. How do they describe their brand? What feelings does their brand bring out in us? Finding the perfect balance to visually interpret these feelings is what we love to do. 2013’s color is emerald. Lee Eiseman, Executive Director at Pantone, says this color is appropriate for 2013 because it promotes change, renewal, and clarity in a complex world. It is a rich color that inspires insight and promotes balance and harmony. That sounds like something we could all get behind for 2013.





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