Argyle Art

At home, my husband is in charge of cleaning and I’m in charge of laundry. Despite my stellar efforts, the Sock Snatcher does hit from time to time, and, being the crafty thief he is, takes only the best socks, not the old socks with holes that I wouldn’t mind losing. It’s never seemed right to throw the odd sock away. What if its match comes back someday? So, I’m left with a small pile of loners, tucked away at the back of the sock drawer. This weekend, while perusing my favorite blogs, I came across the perfect solution — turning these onesies into vases! Design*Sponge guest blogger and artist Kate Pruitt shares this simple DIY project, which looks especially lovely and fall-appropriate in argyle.

If you have time, check out Kate’s own blog. The lunch bag is adorable and clever. She also shares unique photographers, installations, collaborative efforts of designers. Be sure to scroll down to the Post-It wallpaper.

Sock Vases

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