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I was reading an article in the May issue of Real Simple (I’ve been a little behind on my reading for pleasure this summer!) called “Can You Get More Creative?“. As a creative professional I was most excited to read this article about how to find the creative energy inside of you and use it more. Overall they are “inspiration-boosting” tricks but what I found to be the most interesting part of the article was that our team at EXIT uses these tricks on a daily basis to fuel our own creative energy. I have used this article as inspiration to share with you some of our teams creative habits. As you read through I hope they inspire some extra creativity in your day, and if not, give us a call and we can play a game of Wii bowling this afternoon!

Creative Habits at EXIT
Play – finding the simple pleasure in being a kid again. Throw that logic out the window and remember the joys in having fun. Let the creative ideas flow and make sure to keep a pencil handy to write down anything great ideas.
Borrow Ideas – we do a lot of research around EXIT. Finding inspiration from the internet, magazines, books, newspapers and even music. By surrounding yourself with other people’s creative ideas can spur a new one.
Welcome The Bad Ideas – we always say there are no bad ideas during the creative process. We put them all out there and let the best ones float to the top. Sometimes the really bad ones may help you jump to one of those great ones.
Collect Every Seed Of An Idea – anything that inspires us, even if it has nothing to do with the project we are currently working on, gets saved, pinned, torn out, put up on a board, etc. You never know when that print ad from three years ago may be exactly what you needed to see to come up with a website idea tomorrow. The great Woody Allen is said to stuff scraps of paper with script ideas in a draw next to his bed just in case.

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