Bring Your Dog To Work

I love my dog; she is a 9-month old black lab named Isabella Plum Rice Dimitrov, Bella for short. When we first got Bella, we couldn’t leave the house without worrying about her. When I went to work in the morning, I truly felt like I was leaving my child home alone. After an informal emotional intervention with my coworkers, we decided to let Bella come to the office. She was given the job of agency puppy. And what we discovered was she was much more of an inspiring addition than an unruly distraction. Seeing a puppy sleeping under a chair or running down the hall with someone’s desk toy in her mouth makes you smile. It makes you happy. We found that our environment at EXIT not only encourages creativity but also welcomes spontaneity. And little is more spontaneous than a lab puppy. Bella inspired others teammates to bring their dogs and, on some days, the dogs outnumbered the staff. I think the overall point that needs to be made is creative energy comes from life. To be your most creative, it’s important you let life happen at work. Dogs at the office are an example of this. Bella’s internship at EXIT was a fun, playful happy experience. One that I look back on with both motherly and professional pride.

KolbeCo, a St. Louis PR and Marketing firm, was featured in the June issue of Redbook for being a Pet Friendly workplace. Their founder Lauren Kolbe told Redbook, “Pets absolutely belong in the workplace! We have a minimum of four dogs in the office, and we also invite our clients to bring their dogs for meetings.”


  1. Beth

    As Bella’s grandmother, I and can attest to her spontaneity. I am glad to know it was inspirational to Katie and her co-workers.

  2. Margaret

    I can see Bella-Boo’s scar on her nose in her “grown-up” photograph. Also, tell UALR that I want a “bring your dog” to work day. I think student’s creative energies could be positively influenced by a dog lick or nibble!

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