Come Thou Font

Over the holidays, my husband & I attended a new church. It was close to our home and offered a service at a convenient time. At the church, we followed the traffic to the proper door, went inside to the sanctuary, were handed a program by the usher, and sat down. Once seated, I like to glance through the program to know what’s coming. However, at this church, my glancing lead to shock. The church’s program used both Zapfino and Papyrus, two fonts dreaded by most graphic designers and overused by the public. In an effort to spare my eyes, I quickly memorized the page numbers for the hymns and tucked the program safely away in the pew rack.

In a crusade to end the use of fonts like those, I offer today a link to the best free fonts of 2009. I think Calluna, Sansation, or Sovba would be lovely in a church program. I’m anxious to test out the others as well. And, all of these fonts are at a price we can afford to try. New year, new fonts: that’s my motto.

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