Being Creative is Getting Crowded

Design Crowd. Fiverr. CrowdStudio. Sound familiar? These are just a few of the countless crowdsourcing creative resources available now on the worldwide web. Their promise? To use their global network of designers and writers to provide your business with a quality product at a price much lower than you could at an agency. This is genius, right?! I’m not so sure. In order to believe in this magical world of crowdsourcing, that means you have to agree that these sites’ networks host brilliant, creative people. If you’re anything like me, this is where the warning flags start violently waving.

Let me elaborate– I stand confident that no matter how many hamburgers I order from McDonalds, none of them will look, taste or even smell like a burger from Raoul’s in New York (Google it, then go ahead and book a plane ticket!). While it’s nothing against McDonald’s, it’s logical that the best culinary minds in the country are not going to be found in the kitchens of fast food restaurants, regardless of their size. Do we all agree?

Now let’s apply that same rationale to creative professionals. Well-trained and creative designers/ writers want to use their talents to create exceptional work, and because of their talents, they’re paid accordingly. With this mindset, even though these sites may disagree with me, the truth is there aren’t 100 or 25 or even a couple of seasoned, award-winning designers waiting to get started on your $5 logo. When using these sites, you have to accept that you’re ordering from McDonalds’ value menu, and if you’re lucky, you might get a Filet-O-Fish. 


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