Cupboard Brand Loyalty

It’s always amusing to me, as a marketer, when I find myself victim of marketing. The most recent example was this weekend and the subject matter was dishwasher detergent. Under our kitchen sink, besides the usual trash and recycling bins, we have a box of Target’s Up & Up trash bags and a near-empty box of Up & Up dishwasher detergent. They’re both a lovely, cheerful orange–the kind of orange that makes you not mind having to reach into the cupboard to use them. My options to replace the dwindling number of washes left included a short trip to the nearby Walmart where we would use less gas, but not be able to get the cheerful, matching mate to the trash bags or a significantly longer trip to Target, where we’d still keep things on the Up & Up. Husband took Switzerland’s position on where we should procure said suds. After a few minutes of internal debate, I decided that maintaining matching reigned supreme. Target, it was. We drove farther, used more gas, and yes, probably paid a little more, but the cupboard under the sink is still a happy place. And Husband got a hot dog, too. Win-win.

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