Dogs at Work Day – A Small Business Benefit!

Okay, we don’t have corner offices, stock options or Club memberships (unless you count our coffee shop punch cards), but our benefits package at EXIT still has some bark (wink). Among its unique extras is Dogs At Work Day– which technically is any day you actually want to bring your dog to work. True, it has no monetary value but its impact on the happy meter is significant, for both employees and pooches. Happy employees lead to happier clients. And happy dogs are just fun to be around!

EXIT is an equal opportunity “Animal” Day at Work workplace. Cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, fish, ferrets, lizards, sea monkeys, miniature ponies, telemarketers, leprechauns, tame squirrels, bear cubs and monkeys with hats are welcome to have a day declared in their names. We do put our foot down on goats.


  1. Malina

    What about if you don’t work at EXIT…can you still drop your dog off there?

  2. Shawn

    Can she use indesign?

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