EXIT’s Newest New Year’s Resolutions

The end of January has somehow snuck up on us once again, and for a lot of people, that means resolutions have already been broken, tossed in the trash or thrown straight out the window. Our thoughts? People get so caught up in the “New Year, New Me,” mentality that they often forget a very important aspect of resolution-making– to keep in mind that you’re still you. That’s why our team at EXIT decided to wait a little later than usual to make our resolutions this year. This way, we’ve had our chances to already make and break resolutions set on January 1, and we now know what we truly want to aim for this year. Take a look at our plans…

Shawn Solloway: Do More for Less

“More success with less spending is a realistic goal with smart digital marketing efforts,” says Shawn. “My resolution in 2018 is to continue to add digital strategies and tactics to our clients’ plans that cost-effectively help them reach key business goals.”

Laura Walker: Move More

Laura’s goal is two-fold. “This year, I want to incorporate more action into my life– both personally and professionally. I’ll be nurturing my growing abilities in creating motion graphics that are fun and engaging– and balancing that with all the hiking trails I want to explore.”

Rachel Byrd: Meet & Greet

“It’s important to keep up our online presence, but my hope is that, in 2018, I won’t forget to be social in real life as well,” says Rachel. “In business and in my personal life, I want to get to know both people in my field and those around me. As my social circle increases, my hope is that my network and the quality of the content I produce will also.”

Katie Geurin: Be Intentional

“Similar to Laura’s goal, my resolution applies to both work and play. I want to actively be more intentional with my relationships and encounters in 2018,” says Katie. “This will help me to be a better friend and to constantly improve our clients’ ROI.” 

So what about you? Have you kept up with your New Year’s resolutions? Follow along with us this year on our website and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to hold us accountable and to see the results that our resolutions make!

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