Fun In The Bathroom

I stumbled upon some fun looking drawings while cruising the internet last night, and even though they are nothing amazing technically, they intrigued me and I could not stop looking at this guy’s work. The artist, Marc Johns, likes to draw on sticky notes, paint small watercolors, and apparently draw on bathroom paper towels. The paper towel series, posted to Flickr about two years ago has just recently been showing up in social media. It’s been tweeted by Ashton Kutcher and blogged by Urban Outfitters. Johns has also done illustrations for several issues of Wired magazine. His style is simple, but his ideas are so random and quirky that they are fun and whimsical. My favorite part about the drawings/paintings are his little sayings; they add so much to the illustrations. For me, Johns is an inspiration to let go and be creative.

You can see more of his artwork at
or go to his Flickr page at

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  1. Croakaholic

    If I sit on the pot, reach for the TP and see some strange square-headed dude staring at me with a “peek-a-boo” caption I’m flyin’ out that stall and not lookin’ back.

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