If Only This Was True

Last week while catching up on some of my favorite fashion blogs, I came across an American Apparel leggings story. As shown in the header above, American Apparel was  printing this warning inside their leggings to remind wearers that these garments are but a base layer and should not be worn as pants. I laughed out loud, grateful to a company not only with a sense of humor, but also a desire to protect innocent eyes from less than fit behinds. If you scroll down on the link, you can see how many times it was “liked” and reblogged. Still curious about this story, I googled it and found even more sites featuring this news and still more people sharing it.

However, when I checked the official American Apparel site and found no mention of this, I became slightly suspicious. The site features daily blog updates and proudly chronicles its ads for all to see. It didn’t seem like the humorous and graphic step of adding a warning to leggings would be ignored on their site. I decided to check a few more blogs to see if someone out there had more info. A Canadian site Demi Couture helped me out. They, too, had picked up the story, but had an update stating that American Apparel confirmed these as not official American Apparel leggings. Apparently, the free-spirited brand is not against leggings as pants and this was just an internet rumor, likely aided by Photoshop.

For me, this news was a bit sad. However, in sadness, I found a ray of hope. There is a site dedicated to the manifesto: Tights are not pants. The black and white, simple site features a downloadable DIY press kit with printable flyers. So, until the legging/tights makers do start putting warnings in their goods, the rest of us can download and print our way to a world without tights as pants. My favorite flyer says “Tights will not suffice.” Words to live by.

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