I'm Yours

This past week Jason Mraz’s song I’m Yours became the longest running song on the Billboard Top 100. 71 weeks on the chart. That is pretty incredible when you think of all the songs that are released on a daily basis. When I first heard I’m Yours, about two years ago, I fell completely in love with it. The tempo, the words, the feeling it gives me to sing it. I think it’s a great song.

In a review posted on AbsolutePunk.net, Tony Pascarella writes “Providing the carefree soundtrack to your summer, Jason Mraz combines the playful lyrics he’s always sported with lush instrumentals on his new disc, We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things. Roll the windows down and belt out the faster songs, and pull that special someone a little closer for the slower ones; you’ll both be hooked on this CD.”

So take a few minutes and enjoy the last days of summer with one of my favorite songs. “I’m Yours” on YouTube.

Click here to read a Yahoo Music article about the 71 weeks.

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  1. Mraz Spasms

    I read a similar review on the music site ‘SCIENTOLOGIST WITH INSTRUMENT’ where the writer Ghengis Tron states Mraz “Provides a mindless soundtrack for your summer(especially if you want to forget that stinging, back of the brain feeling that you spend most of your life in your car). Jason Mraz combines the playful, toy-like waiting room of a dental clinic eye-candy for your ears he’s always sported, again pumping out regularly the eerily familiar elevator instrumentals on his new disc, “We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things because We’re on Prozac.” Pop a pill and pull that special someone a little closer. Mraz’s specialty is that trademark feeling you get when he strums the first chord; he remembers you’ll forget instantly that you hate the b****. Just like the warning label on your favorite meds, you’ll be hooked on this CD.”

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