Paper iPhone Stand

So 3 out of the 5 people that work here have iPhones, and the other 2 would get them if they could.  But just because you have an iPhone doesn’t mean you have the money to get all of the fun accessories. So when I ran across this fun little paper stand I figured my co-workers, as well as the countless other people I know with iPhones, would find it pretty nifty. Check out this guy’s website and download your own free template to make it yourself! Print the template on paper with different colors or fun patterns and you can customize it to fit your style!



  1. PaperChase

    Yeah, I’m gonna balance my $400.00 iphone on a piece of paper just because it’s cheaper-whooops fell off the desk again, aw the hell with the scratches, it’s ceap! Also, I’m gonna book my next flight on a paper airplane-Hey it’s cheaper. Hey maw, go get some more paper chairs, we have guests comin’.

  2. PaperChase

    Ohh, ohh, my phones ringing I better catch it….oh s***, I crushed that thing again.

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