Is It Time For You To Go Tiger?

As companies, and as people, we get stuck in roles and routines that aren’t really what we are all about. And because we have been doing things a certain way for so long, we continue to keep doing these things even though they don’t feel quite right. To be a brand that stands out and builds a loyal fan base, you have to be true to yourself. You have to be brave. Brave enough to not follow the actions or influences of others. Being who you are is the only way you can truly leap to your brand’s destiny.

I’m currently reading a book called Shift by Peter Arnell, an internationally recognized marketer. The book presents Peter’s professional philosophies through focusing on his story of reclaiming his personal brand. A memorable example about the importance of being true to yourself is told by Peter in Chapter 19. Here’s the excerpt:

To most people Chris Rock is a funny guy from the Bed-Stuy section of Brooklyn. To me Chris is a wise man and a lifestyle guru. Some of the best advice Chris ever gave came in a wild stand-up routine he did after everyone was talking about the famous event in 2003 when the Vegas act Siegfried & Roy took a tragic turn. Montecore, a 600-pound white Siberian tiger, bit trainer Roy Horn and dragged him away, almost killing him. The tiger had been obedient through six and a half years of shows until the Friday night in question.

“The tiger bit the man in the head, and everyone’s mad at the tiger,” Chris Rock said onstage. “Talk about the tiger went crazy.”
Chris was right, too. That’s what everyone was talking about at the time.
“That tiger ain’t go crazy,” Chris continued. “That tiger went tiger!”
What a great phrase— the tiger went tiger!
“You know when the tiger went crazy?” Rock asked. “When the tiger was riding around on a little bike with a helmet on. ‘Oh shit. I’m a crazy tiger. Oh, Lord.
I’m crazy. What is I goin’ do?’
Right after I heard that routine, I had the phrase “The Tiger went Tiger” printed up large and mounted on the wall near the main entrance of the Arnell offices in Manhattan.

Need to break out of a rut you’re in? Escape a routine that doesn’t fit you? Embrace who you really are? Whether for yourself or for your company, to be successful you need to Go Tiger! And when someone calls you crazy consider it a compliment. Because then you’ll know you are on your way to building a focused, concentrated and powerful brand.

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