Lets Have A Ball

One of my friends is getting married next year and she has decided to do a masquerade ball themed wedding reception. I’ve been keeping my eyes open for masks and thinking about what style I want to go with, and I have been very fascinated with the different masks I’ve come across, guy’s and girl’s. The traditional eye masks which are called the “Colombina”, the long nose masks (more manly) that are called “Nasone” and the full face masks called “Volto”. A Colombina mask will probably be my best bet since I don’t want to look like a man and a full face mask would make things difficult at a wedding reception since I will probably have a drink in my hand the majority of the time. Price will definitely have a deciding factor, but a girl can still look, right? The more ornate masks are truly works of art and I’ve enjoyed just browsing through images online.

Here are some links to sites with some interesting masks:





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