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Like many in my monkeysphere, I sighed with relief last Thursday night. Project Runway was back! Yes, I had to figure out what channel Lifetime was, but once there, it was a happy reunion with my good pals Heidi and Tim. I love Project Runway for myriad reasons: first, because of a personal interest in fashion, honed from days of playing dress-up in my youth; and second, because I see so many similarities between fashion design and graphic design. The 16 designers (now 15) of Project Runway problem-solve with fabric; I problem-solve with paper. We both have to be creative, innovative, and savvy within the constraints of the challenge. After all, no one wants to get auf-d. After the show, I like to recap with friends and see what some trusted bloggers thought of the designs. Below I link to my favorite Project Runway blogs. Share yours along with guesses for the winner in our comments section. Auf Wiedersehen!

My Favorite Project Runway Blogs:

The ladies of blog weekly about the show for New York Magazine.

The bloggers of Jezebel do a great live blog during the show, then typically rehash an aspect the next day.

This site claims to be the official fan blog of the show. It features Recapalooza, which shares links to the recaps of 14 witty bloggers.

And, of course, I’d be neglect to not include the network-sponsored blog at the Lifetime website. Judges Michael Kors & Nina Garcia blog via video. Former contestants Nick, Chris and Andrae blog, too, with fabulous insider comments like why attempt smocking “without an elastic bobbin thread!!!???” The spinoff show The Models of the Runway has its own blog here, too. Nick described it: “We get to find out that models A) have emotions, B) speak and C) actually think!”

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