Minimalism At Its Best

In the words of Mr. Charles Mingus, “Anyone can make the simple complicated. Creativity is making the complicated simple.” One California based visual artist, web designer and professor, Matthew Hollett, has given the classic game of Monopoly a minimalist makeover. Naming it ‘Onopo’, he has gone through the painstaking process of economizing design and removing the unnecessary frills, richness and stimulation that appeals to children. Instead he is appealing to designers and simplified the game to its bare essence. Hollett uses “a minimal iconographic system which uses as little language as possible”. There are no longer property names, text-heavy “Chance” cards and even the dollar sign on the paper money—using just basic shapes and an array of colors, the game features easy-to-understand symbols for a cleverly pared down game. Just in case you need any ideas for my Christmas gift this year, this would be a great one to keep in mind. It’s absolutely brilliant and would make all minimalists and Charles Mingus proud.







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