Music, Mood and Productivity

A few weeks ago Sarah posted some really neat infographics, well since then I have been seeing them everywhere. I stumbled upon this one recently about ‘music to listen to on the job.’ It got me to thinking about what I listen to to get me through the work day. A recent study states that “Research from University of Windsor in Canada showed the effect of music on the work performance of software developers. According to the study, without background music the designers’ quality of work was lowest and it took them more time to complete tasks. With background music, participants reported positive mood change and enhanced perception while working. Plus, the researchers noted that this positive change in mood correlated with increased curiosity — an excellent thing to have when doing creative work.” I know for myself having music playing helps me to be in a better mood and really concentrate on whatever task it is I am working on. Depending on the project and my music selection it puts me in the groove and gets the creative juices flowing. Currently I am I have been listening to CCR and sometimes singing it out loud (I apologize to anyone that can hear me). What kind of music gets you through your day? Maybe I will break away from my playlist and try yours!




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