Olympic Wars

As someone who values branding and brand guidelines, I also value those willing to rebel against the extremists. With the impending 2012 summer olympics in London, business owners and patrons want to capitalize on the surge of tourists. Who can blame them during these economic times? It’s an opportunity for the local people to pay their bills again and sustain themselves. Flower or donut shops are being shut down for displaying their products in the form of olympic rings. The man responsible for transforming the Olympic movement into a multi-billion-pound enterprise has criticised London 2012 organizers for “going too far” to protect sponsors, who have exclusive rights to the famous rings. Michael Payne, a former marketing director at the International Olympic Committee, said London’s over-zealous enforcement of brand protection ‘risked’ damaging the Games. It’s clearly putting a bad taste in peoples mouths. London’s mayor has even encouraged its local vendors to keep promoting the upcoming event and their businesses calling the threats and fines “insanity”. The games are taking over their neighborhoods and they should be allowed to have some sort of gain for losing their normalcy. One coffee shop owner is encouraging its patrons to rebel against the rules. He is offering specials and promotions on the best blatant disregards for the guidelines. Another shop owner basically stuck out her tongue to the Olympics branding authorities, check it out! So clever. GO LONDON!

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