Resurrected for Chocolate

I love chocolate just as much as the next person. And apparently so does Audrey Hepburn. After her sons gave permission to use their mothers image, the great Audrey Hepburn was brought back to life for a Galaxy Chocolate commercial that launched this week. The commercial is sweet (pun intended!) and feels like it could be from a scene in Roman Holiday. When her sons were approached by Galaxy they said “our mother loved chocolate.” It is amazing how technology gives us the ability to show Audrey’s love of chocolate to a modern audience. The qualities of the great Audrey Hepburn are brought back to life, reintroduced to new generations and melted and poured on top the Galaxy Chocolate product. In this industry, we truly are only limited by our imagination and that is so cool. So on this beautiful Thursday in Little Rock I encourage you to let your imagination run wild. And if you find any of the Galaxy chocolate grab me a bar!

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