Social Media Is Fun

Social Media is a great tool for meeting your business goals. I think everyone is aware of its power to take a campaign viral, raise awareness of a product and to start a social movement. But sometimes it is important to remember that this network of instant communication is also a lot of fun! I read a fun article last week with social media tips from Dr. Seuss. It is always good to spruce up on your social media basics and remind yourself why you are using certain platforms, and I think these simple, and often silly, rhymes are a refreshing way to look at at your social media tactics and policies. Because after all, this is fun! Social Media is a business tool, of course, but it is also personal and in a world that is often a little too serious it is a great spot to let loose, enjoy and be yourself. Want to see some of the fun that EXIT has been up to? Check out some Twitter photos we shared recently. And if you are needing a little extra fun for your afternoon – give us a call and we can get in a quick game of Wii bowling.

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