The Blue, Spiral Staircase

We have been lucky enough to have a great intern the last three weeks – Hallie Ramser! Here is a blog post from her about working at EXIT. Enjoy! 

Down from the University of Arkansas, I came in as an intern to learn and observe what the Arkansas world of marketing and branding looks like. My desk is made up of a red door (something that ties into the whole EXIT branding idea) and I’m positioned next to a beautiful blue, spiral staircase. The staircase leads up to what everyone calls “the loft,” an idea room under a sunroof. Spiral staircases have always seemed like a phenomenal piece of art, with the “Miraculous Staircase” in Santa Fe in my mind. 


The 1872 chapel holds a great mysterious air, with the Sisters of Loretto chapel convinced that St. Joseph himself built it, but with more contemporary critics citing that it was constructed by a traveling French man. Either way, the staircase isn’t just a staircase; it’s more simply because of the value and story placed behind the structure – people remember it and value it! If there is one thing I’ve learned at this firm, it is the value of having a solid brand. Having your company be just another set of stairs is not enough; true branding lies in finding the story and value of what your company stands for – that’s what people will remember. 


“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou


As I’ve been watching and observing how an Arkansas branding firm works, I’ve noticed how each project is created through a collective team effort. Katie and Shawn organize and outline the goals of a project, with Amber, Sarah, and Bryan working and building off of each other to make a good direction a great idea. As ironic as it is, each person builds off each other, kind of like a set of stairs. Actually, exactly like a set of stairs, and exactly like the set right next to my desk. EXIT Marketing is, in its entirety, a brand. The stairs are a fantastic symbol for showing this because the blue, spiral staircase is not just a staircase; it is a structure that symbolizes the team effort of building off of each other to reach high enough to reach the skylight, and grab a hold of a great idea. 


images  Haley

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