Tweet More Chicken

Chick-fil-A has created its own nationwide event to get people in their doors, tweeting, posting on Facebook and making memories. Chick-fil-A’s whole marketing campaign is driven around eating more chicken and not beef. Last week they launched their 8th annual Cow Appreciation day on July 13 and gave away free meals to anyone dressed as a cow. I checked it out Friday and people went all out. I saw several children and even a 60+ woman dressed head-to-hoove in full cow costumes. Most people were extra creative and painted their faces, made fun ears out of construction paper and custom shirts for the event. In addition to the event, to keep the social media momentum going they are encouraging people to share their stories and there is a photo contest to win a $100 gift card or other prizes. The photo contest page makes sure you can tweet and post your submission to get people voting for your image. Chick-fil-A did a great job at creating interest in their restaurant in fun way. If my girls were with me it would have been so much fun and something I’d always remember that would keep me going back. I would have also been blasting my Facebook page with pictures of my girls and other wacky folks. Brand loyalty and social media buzz at its best. Here are some images from different locations for the event.

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