Type + Cool Apps = Happiness

Typography is the foundation to quality design. Staying in the know about all the quirks about typography and the latest font families is essential. There are a few apps out there to increase your knowledge and impress your clients, friends and family. Here are 4 that will make your world a better, happier place.


The Typography Manual, $3.99 If your history of type or knowledge type basics is a little shaky check out this 60+ page book. It includes a massive glossary of terms, shows how to properly set text and special characters, typography on the web and graphic design topics. This app will also impress your friends at parties when you start sharing your renewed/new knowledge.



WhattheFont, Free I’m always that geek telling people that a menu design uses papyrus or that billboard uses Brush Script – then my raving about the two fonts ensues. Often the font identification is unwarranted and frankly weird to some. Yet, if your a fellow type geek this app will allow you snap a photo of a font on a design and will magically locate the font you are curious about. It also doesn’t include the commentary about my distain for certain fonts, I’m sure that’s a plus.



FontBook, $5.99 The perfect typeface for your project can be a daunting task. This app houses more than 100 type foundaries and 700,000 typeface samples, you will definitely find what you are looking for in this collection. This font looks addicting. As a result it could elevate your status among your peers when you randomly identify that obscure font on a poster while walking down the street for lunch.



The Font Game, $1.99 Who says typography can’t be fun? Not me, nor the geniuses at I Love Typography. Test your typography knowledge with this fun gaming app. Be quizzed on terms, typefaces, and even save your favorite fonts for future reference. This app is way cooler than Angry birds any day of the week. GET IT, LOVE IT, GO!

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