Very Pinteresting

Back in August I wrote a blog post about the online pinboard, Pinterest. If you hadn’t heard of it then, I’m sure that you have all heard about it now, and have more than likely set up a board or two. Pinterest is now the third largest social networking site in the world, just behind Facebook and Twitter. The amazing thing is that it has grown the fastest – by the end of March Pinterest had over 18 million visitors, a 50% increase from the previous month, in just the two years since its official launch. Even Brian Williams with NBC News is covering the amazing growth. This phenomenon has led to major brands – Anthropolgie, Real Simple, Lands End and even People magazine – launching their own boards. It makes since when you read this survey and see that 21% of respondents have purchased items that they found on Pinterest.

So as I drink my morning coffee, and check out the latest pins, I can’t help but let my mind wander to the all the other possibilities that Pinterest allows marketers – product launches, email campaigns, recruiting, spotlighting experts. And for fun – here is a link to my pinboards. Enjoy!

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