Why Matters

I have recently started reading the magazine Fast Company. In the February issue there is a great article called The Art of Dialogue. A topic within the article that really jumped out to me was How To Turn A Bad Idea Into A Good Idea. Here’s an excerpt:

“Continually ask, ‘Why?’ It’s a good way to probe a speaker’s thinking without making them defensive. Let’s say you’re running an ad company and a big brand executive comes in and says, ‘we need to have a presence on Facebook.’ You would say, Why? And the guy would say, ‘because all of our competitors are on Facebook.’ And you’d say, Why? ‘Because they want to position themselves as forward-looking and youthful.’ Why? ‘Because they want to make more money with young people.’ Now we’re getting somewhere.”

I couldn’t agree any more with Jonathan Taplin, Director of the Annenberg Innovation Lab at the University of Southern California. Never be afraid to ask “Why?”. AT EXIT, the question “Why?” acts as our metaphoric shovel for digging through the information overload to find the core purpose of a marketing strategy, a creative message, or a brand positioning. As a reminder of how important it is to our team’s branding process, we are about to add some new artwork to our conference room (sneak peak below). We would be more than happy to print you your own mini-version. Tweet us @EXITMarketing and I’ll send it to you – use #EXITWhyItMatters

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