Event Marketing – Delta Trust & Bank

The primary goal was to create an event for students and faculty at Hendrix College that students and faculty would actually enjoy. Making everything free was a good start. Planned activities for this cool and hot reception include burgers, hot dogs and...
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Spring Clean Your Brain

Cleaning out that wad of neurons rattling around in your head is just as important as mopping under your armoire. Be nice to your brain and it will reward you. Take time to do some spring cleaning in your brain.   Here are a few ideas: – Go a different...
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Design As Memory

Design serves as an extended human memory. Outside of ourselves, through our design and art, we can safeguard stories and meaning that we may not be able to retain genetically. It is easy to see through history that with strong enough work, and a long...
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David Shrigley Illustrator

Sometimes being at the edge of good is great. David Shrigley, an illustrator from the UK lives at the edge of good, into greatness.  His hilarious ‘ads’, illustrations and cartoons have an intentionally slapped together, smartass aesthetic....
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Do We Believe In Our Brand?

One of many questions we as creatives have to ask ourselves is do we believe in what we are doing? Do we believe that we can change lives and shape the visual clutter around us in a positive way? Even the most well trained designers, copywriters, art...
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The Importance Of Creative Retreats

When was the last time you and your team took a break from the office and got outside to experience life outside the brick and mortar? On Friday, March 21, the EXIT team took a creative retreat to Oaklawn. The goal was to enjoy the day together as a team...
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