Our Passion Put into Words

Pens Always Returned

Don’t you hate it when someone borrows your pen and doesn’t return it? While it may be somewhat inappropriate, we have found a solution.  Check out these fun pens that will leave anyone blushing and quickly returning your pen! They had us laughing...
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The Cone Group – RFQ Binder

At EXIT, we’re all about meaningful differentiation. Having helped The Cone Group give voice to its differentiating core of Intelligent Construction, we continue to push that concept in work we develop. Most recently, we have developed a high-end...
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Vince Griffin

Vince is an Illustrator, Designer and Musician. He comes to us with years of Illustration and Design under his belt that brings relevant and fresh results for our EXIT clients. “I believe a healthy thirst for knowledge and a smidge of daringness...
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