Method With No Madness

I'm a fan of rituals. At work, one of my favorites is First Monday of the Month Sharing. Each of us brings in a piece of design that inspires us. These have ranged from wine bottles to hang tags. This month, I wanted to share my inspiration--Method's...
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Is A Kindle For Me?

While meeting with clients this week, the Kindle was brought up as a "must have" product. I admit that I've always been curious about it, but have not sought out details. When I got back to the office, I decided to check it out and educate myself. Amazon...
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Hard Candy

Picking out a bottle of wine based on its label is something quite a few people admit to doing, but buying makeup because you like the design of the products? Probably fewer would admit to this. Last weekend, I was guilty of just that.
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Branding = Confidence

Yes, the title of this blog may seem like a no-brainer, but while on a Caribbean cruise last week I was reminded of branding's importance. My travel buddies were Husband and his family and together, we'd get off the ship at each port of call in search...
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