Client: Camp Quality

This non-profit asked EXIT to help it with volunteer recruitment. Camp Quality is a national camp for children who have been diagnosed with cancer. There is a Camp Quality in Bald Knob, Arkansas. EXIT is proud to play a role in helping such an important...
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Client: EXIT Marketing

EXIT was recently interviewed by Arkansas Medical News and asked to provide its thoughts on how hospitals can be more effective in marketing. EXIT has a number of healthcare clients and has won both Gold and Silver National Healthcare Marketing Awards...
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Client: QualChoice

The 2009 QualChoice campaign is being launched this week. The new campaign includes print, outdoor and TV. All elements highlight the benefits that the health insurance company provides to its members through offering leading customer support.
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Gallery Post

Efficiently generate cross-unit channels rather than competitive quality vectors. Dramatically strategize user friendly value and holistic relationships. Uniquely formulate out-of-the-box interfaces and economically sound users. Objectively promote alternative...
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