National Love Your Pet Day

In celebration of National Love Your Pet Day, we sat down with our team members here at EXIT to talk about their favorite four-legged friends. Take a look.


“I’ve always loved animals. Every time I passed a dog or cat when I was younger, I had to stop and pet it. I’ve always had pets—ranging from dogs and cats to birds, fish, and even ducks. Now, my family consists of a 17 year old miniature pincher Frankie (who sleeps a lot, but still loves his walks), and two turtles, a box turtle (Juno) and a red eared slider (Cosmo). Now, my son Eliot is the one who goes lovingly up to pet any passing animal.”


“I’ve always been a dog person. My parents even got me a dog right before I was born because “every little boy needs a dog.” (My dad was sure I’d be a boy.) My sweet Italian Greyhound, Sophia, died last year. She was over 16 years old, I loved her like one of my children. I still miss her. Now I have my first cat, Angel. She’s really my kids’ cat, but I’m actually starting to fall for her too. Cats are funny, and Angel is no exception. She likes to pounce shadows.”


“When I turned sixteen years old, all of my friends asked for cars for their birthdays, but I politely told my parents that they could save their money because all that I really wanted was a puppy.  The minute I met Bailey, I started crying and my family knew they weren’t going to be able to leave without him.  Eight years later and Bailey is still my favorite animal. We often find him sitting outside of my neighbor’s window admiring his girlfriend, my neighbor’s toy poodle.”

 Do you have a favorite pet? How will you be celebrating National Love Your Pet Day?  We can’t wait to hear from you.

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