Building Brands that Matter

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Who are you? What do you do? Why does it matter? Through our team’s brand development process, we answer these questions and help our clients define and embrace meaningful differentiation. These three phases anchor our process for developing and growing brand strength.


Without differentiation, you’re dead!

Our goal is to help you own a position in the marketplace that you can claim as a unique status (the only one or number one). Staking your claim is just the first part of the positioning phase. Ownership of a meaningful positioning will help separate you from the competition and encourage initial trial. But that’s as far as it will go if you don’t follow this with actually keeping the promise of your positioning. Doing what you say you will do builds consumer trust and loyalty. This is the ignition for growing strength in your brand.


What you wear should match who you are.

The better the match the greater the impact your identity will have on reinforcing your brand. Brand identity is visually identifying your brand positioning. A strategic bridge from positioning to design must be built for every identity tactic. This ensures that your logo, your collateral, your signage, your vehicles, and your product labels are uniquely yours.


Always sell the promise of your positioning.

Launching from the positioning work, we help our clients develop a Dominant Selling Idea (DSI). This is an internal core message that communicates the key benefit delivered through the company’s brand positioning. For each client, the DSI is a foundational message that is universally understood and embraced company wide. Brand messaging is keeping all internal and external communications in line with a company’s DSI. This practice leads to brand focus. And focus helps build equity—hitting the same nail on the head over and over again drives a client’s brand messaging deeper into consumers’ minds. Opportunity for recognition and recall is increased.