Brand Value Starts With Your Name

There’s a little bakery and bistro in Hope, AR called the Karate Pig.  I was meeting my family in Hope last weekend and so we decided to try it, honestly for the sheer novelty of the name.   

I was holding out hope that there would be a cool story, a bridge that would connect my delicious sandwich and milkshake to martial arts and swine – but when I asked there was an awkward laugh – and a resounding silence. This silence was a missed opportunity to make me a Karate Pig evangelist for life.  This kind of meaningful connection between what you do and why you do it is the essence of branding. It’s what makes you different. It’s what we help our clients find – that consistent story engrained at the core of your business.

It’s not that Karate Pig did something explicitly wrong, as much as they missed an opportunity to do something really right. If they were an Asian Pork joint with a twist, for example, the name would be a home run – but they’re a bakery and bistro. They didn’t even have a ham specialty. To leave this kind of void behind their name may seem like a little absence, but it kept me from connecting to them on an emotional level, and left them competing with other bakeries and bistros only on the level of a commodity.

 If you’re considering a name for your business that’s a leap, make sure it’s one that’s worth taking for your customers!

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