Branding From The Inside Out

 A solid brand identity can come from carefully monitoring each action your company performs, and by creating tighter and tighter rules that your image needs to follow. It can get you there, but in a very cookie-cutter fashion. This kind of branding misses out on being a brave brand that’s expressing something new in the world. Honestly, what kind of identity that’s authentic is based on rule-following? Break the rules creatively, and give away your cherished (false) image until something better surfaces! This is the way of authentic expression.

It’s the difference between an “outward-in” brand and an “inward-out” brand. This Inward-out approach to branding gets to the core of what your unique brand is meant to be. It’s the only way new and brave brands are made. The only way you can get there is by letting go of everything else. It’s simpler than branding based on rules, formulas and smokescreens, it only costs you everything. Do you want to be ‘solid’ or brave?

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