Changing To Stay You

Finding a memorable tag line that resonates with your brand is not always a direct process. Ideally – you would come right out of the gate with the perfect line that communicates the simplest and most profound essence of who you are. But writing a tag line is like uncovering truth.  It’s usually not a linear, cut and dry, here’s-the-best-answer-first kind of process. 

Take FedEx’s tag line evolution for example. A few of their lines along the way are, “Our Most Important Package is Yours.” – an endearing thought but with overtones almost as questionable as their next one, “Why Fool Around with Anyone Else?”.  In 2004 they switched to, “Relax, It’s FedEx” which I think has more of their personality, but you learn the reason why you can relax through their current iteration –  “The World On Time.”  

Through each development you can feel their pursuit to communicate their identity authentically and memorably. Each statement is the next face of an attempt to bring value to their shipping services. To truly deliver a product that’s meaningful, and communicate it in a relatable way, you have to have the freedom and flexibility to go deeper with your messaging like this. A tagline isn’t a pill you tack on the end of your logo – it’s a relationship between you and your customer, and you and yourself. Is every tag line FedEx used before ‘The World On Time’ a failure? I don’t think so. Is ‘The World On Time’ the place where they stop searching? Not hardly. Each line leads to the next, each expression is a new place to launch from in growing the nuances of their identity.  

In the same way that pursuing truth is relational, and changes with your awareness and lifestyle – communicating your brand essence is an ever-unfolding process. Be brave! Tell it the best you can now, and when you see yourself more clearly, tell us again who you are.


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