Is Your Brand Living?

Like people, brands must grow and adapt to become stronger. It’s important to understand that change is okay for your brand. In fact, without it, your brand can lose value and trust with customers. If you know someone who says the same thing and wears the same clothes every day for an extended length of time, you are going to  become bored with that person and also very concerned about his/her stability.

The same goes for brands. Don’t let the need for consistency trump your brand personality. The attributes of your brand are what should be consistent — what you stand for, how you are different, and why it’s important to customers. This should never change. But how you present yourself for specific audiences, certain events and/or marketplace situations should be adaptable. It should be smart. It should be you. But it shouldn’t be a pre-set template. It’s too lazy. And too lifeless. Want to grow your brand strength and customer loyalty? Be a living brand — Live. Breathe. Make mistakes. Be human.

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