Your Brand Look: Repetition vs. Copying

Repetition is essential to establishing a brand look. Copying cheapens and destroys it. The difference lies on a razor’s edge. It comes down to motivation and innovation. Repetition is driven by a compass – motivated by the desire to push your brand elements to convey your message with increasing clarity and accuracy. Copying, on the other hand, is listless. It is an unfocused turnover of style and elements without any thought given to the subtleties of their interactions. Copying takes away value by making your brand homogeneous and muddled.

It’s the same way with language. The more you use a word affects its meaning. If you use it with accuracy, its definition remains precise. If you apply it to anything under the sun that remotely resembles its definition – it becomes diffuse and meaning-less (look at how we use the word “cool”, “like” or gentleman, for example).

You have a limited number of elements to work with to establish your look. Be precise in how you use them, dig deeper into their meaning – and continue to add value to your brand look!

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