Noma Bar Illustrations

Sometimes the most simple design or idea is the best, so goes the saying "less is more." Some great examples of this are the illustrations by Noma Bar. He tries to use as few as 1 or 2 elements to create his illustrations that are often either social...
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Macximum Customization

Even though I've had a mac in my bedroom since I was about 10 years old I guess I'm kinda behind on the technology. I did not realize, until just last week, how much you can customize a mac desktop. As a graphic designer I found it pretty intriguing that...
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Stories of Hope

Recently I've started receiving the Ad Age Global E-News. It's fun to read what's happening in our industry in other parts of the world. One headline caught my attention this week, Red Cross Stories of Hope. It featured Leo Burnett Iberia's opening of...
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