Everything Matters

Brand strength is built on trust. When a company consistently delivers on its promise, it builds trust with consumers. The strongest brands out there have an amazing ability to constantly meet the expectations they have created at every point of contact they make with customers. These companies understand that everything matters. At EXIT, one of our first goals for clients is to help them understand the importance of image and message consistency. A tool we use is our Brand Touchpoints chart which outlines all the points of contact a client makes with its key audiences. Every point from the way you answer the phone to what you say in your advertising to what employees wear to a presentation is equally important in building trust with customers. It’s critical to recognize that advertising is just one tactic of many that helps companies build brand awareness and strength. Your advertising will not be effective if it promises something that is not fulfilled when a customer reaches out to you. Fully capitalizing on your marketing efforts requires that you embrace the idea that everything matters. You must be committed to being true to your brand promise at anytime, everywhere. Doing this will help you become the consistent, confident brand that customers are proud to associate with and recommend.

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