How Dominant Is Your Selling Idea?

A common concern I hear from prospects is that they fear that spending significant dollars on marketing will not deliver a justified ROI. Many point to past advertising campaigns that did not move the sale’s needle. Could it be that advertising just isn’t good for some clients? My answer to that is if promoting your business is not good for you then you have a serious issue with your business. Bottom line, advertising fails when it’s not done right. There are lots of opportunities to make mistakes. I think a common one being made is clients are not putting in the effort and time initially to develop a Dominant Selling Idea (DSI). A DSI is the sales hook for every media dollar you spend. It’s the reason the customer selects your product over the competition. It should be at the core of every contact you make with your target audience. So, how do you know if your selling idea is dominant?

Here’s 5 essentials for building a DSI that delivers serious ROI:

1. Superlative; promises customer something nobody else does (this is what you’re best at)

2. Important; what you are best at has to be something the customer really wants

3. Believable; it makes sense that you’re able to deliver this benefit better than others

4. Memorable; your promise links to an emotional feeling that gives it penetrating power

5. Tangible; must perform in a way that’s totally aligned and consistent with all your claims


  1. Jason

    Thanks, Shawn. That is great information. I believe that there are to many companies out there promising great customer service, low prices, etc. These details do not make them any different than their competitors. It actually puts them in more of the same pile. Where do you stand out?

    Jason Martin

  2. Shawn


    I think you’re right on with that assessment. People remember one thing.
    And if the one thing that you communicate in your marketing is many things that the competition also offers then people won’t recall you. Your ROI is not gonna be good.

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