Innovation And Great Ideas Are Fragile

Brainstorming sessions are exciting. People gather to come up with one lonely marketing strategy and the board is loaded with many solutions. Everyone leaves energized and confident of the solutions that were decided upon. Then a strange phenomenon occurs, people return to their desks, go home and come back to work the next day and the lights begin to go out. That’s because innovation and change are scary, uncertain and a big deal to companies and its employees. Employees may be concerned for job security and begin to over think. What if this solution eliminates my job? or What if this idea fails and the blame falls on my plate? Companies as a whole begin to become concerned too, what if I don’t get a return on my investment? What if we lose business? These are all valid concerns. Status quo is safe but it’s killing our creative innovation. In the words of Vincent van Gogh “What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?” It’s time to embrace change as a valuable part of your success formula. Change keeps viewers engaged and even draws in new eyes. Be a crusader, be courageous and stand firmly behind your ideas!



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