Marketing success. Do you have the secret ingredient?

A main objective of marketing is to change behavior. To create communications that motivate a target audience to take action. So what’s the secret to achieving this change? Certainly all the essentials are needed: strong research, strategy and tactical execution. But just following the rules doesn’t guarantee results. Look at the paper today. How many ads motivated you? How many ads do you even remember?

What I’ve found is the campaigns that capture attention and influence action have something that most don’t. They have an it factor. And that it is passion. These campaigns stand out and deliver results because they find a way to allow a company’s love for its product and the benefit it delivers to go unfiltered through the marketing process. All that energy and enthusiasm is embraced and inserted into the message. These special campaigns are engaging. They’re motivating. They provide a memorable and meaningful reason for consumers to listen and act. We need more passion in advertising today! The recipe for delivering it is really simple: partner one company that loves its product with one advertising agency that values this passion.

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