The Secret to Branding: Just One Thing

People typically only remember one thing about a brand. Whether you try to communicate the 17 reasons why a prospect should prefer your brand or not – they’ll only remember one thing. (And let’s be honest, most of your 17 things are probably the same as your competition, anyway.)

What all challenger brands need is to carefully define that one thing – to both differentiate from competition and attract key audiences. Then reinforce it. Everywhere. Through your name, logo, tag-line, PR, website, customer experience, voicemail, dress code, advertising, packaging. Everywhere.

This can not only save you money (promoting one thing costs less than promoting a lot of things), but a narrow focus always, always, opens up more opportunities.

What’s Gatorade’s one thing? The backed-by-science performance-driven thirst quencher.

What’s your one thing? If you know it, focus on it. If you don’t, we’ll help you find it.

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