On Location: Getting Social for Social Media

Last week, EXIT had the opportunity to pay a couple of our clients a visit to watch them in action. We saw a roof replacement, watched a pest control technician crawl under a house to perform a termite inspection, and witnessed a pest control team begin a termite treatment. We also had plenty of good conversation with our clients – which left us more educated about their industries and with a better understanding of who they are. Surprisingly though, few agencies make this practice a part of their social media services. Here’s why they should:

Followers find completely original content more meaningful.

In a world of shared and repurposed posts, original content gives an organization’s followers a better understanding of the brand. These original blogs, photos and videos often result in increased, genuine engagement.

You learn more about the industry.

Researching a client and their industry in front of a computer only provides a fraction of the information learned by spending time face-to-face with the experts – the client. Immersing yourself in the world your client lives, eats and breathes results in a better understanding of their industry, and better understanding results in better content.

You get to know your clients better.

Social media is all about building up your client’s brand personality. But how can you do that if don’t actually know your client? Spending time with them, watching their processes and getting to know their values helps you develop their unique voice and highlight the qualities that make them relatable to followers.


Check out the Highlight Reel of our day!



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