WFA’s Power Of The Purse

For the third consecutive year, the Women’s Foundation of Arkansas (WFA) partnered with EXIT to help it create the promotional materials for its largest fundraising event— the annual Power of the Purse luncheon. We are honored to put our team’s talents to work for such a great cause. Every year, after attending this event, we leave more excited and inspired by the efforts of the WFA and the positive impact those efforts are having on women in Arkansas.


This year’s keynote speaker was Neal Godfrey, a renown women and children’s advocate from New Jersey, and she did not disappoint.  Not only was she brilliant, she had a great sense of humor that kept us laughing.  I figured if she can keep me laughing for an hour, it’s worth checking out her books.  I’ve already ordered her book “Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees: A Parent’s Guide to Raising Financially Responsible Children.”  This book had a significant message at the event: women are the foundation of the home, which means children learn the most from their mothers.  If mothers have a greater financial education, they will teach their children about finances and better generations to come, which in general benefits our community as a whole. 


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